CHVOS (pronounced “kayos”) is the personal website of Vancouver-based marketer and designer, Ash Castellino.

Growing up, Ash was that kid that never seemed to be paying attention. Seemingly in his own little world, he would spend hours in front of his monstrous PC tediously writing code to come up with that one pretty web page. Some things never change, except he works with a Macbook now. His pet peeves include talking about himself in the third person and people not letting passengers exit first on public transit.

Ash is skilled in developing workable solutions that help generate increased brand awareness, sales and market share. He values simplicity and advocates a minimalist approach with a strong emphasis on geometric and monochromatic styles. A highly analytical and innovative thinker, he is highly proficient in web and graphic design along with various digital marketing solutions.

Skills• Digital Marketing : Google Adwords / Google Analytics / Bing Ads / BigCommerce / MailChimp / Shopify
• CRM : Salesforce / Zoho
• Graphic Design : Adobe Illustrator / Adobe Photoshop / Adobe InDesign
• Web Design : Adobe Dreamweaver / Wordpress / HTML / CSS
• Animation : Adobe Flash
• Desktop Publishing : Microsoft Office / Adobe Acrobat Pro
• Social Media : Hootsuite / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram
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